A Guide in Pharmacy Technician Certification

A professional pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technician is a primarily a health care employee who perform administrative, management and specialist roles, in the pharmacy related sectors of hospitals and community health centers. Such technicians, are involved with dispensing medicines through licensed pharmacists. There are now special training programs for individuals to fulfill the requirements to become a pharmacy technician.

As the health care system grows to include more people the need for such technicians would only increase. In fact the job of a pharmacy technician now involves more skills and opportunities than it did a decade ago.

Also pharmacy technicians act as an effective communication channel between medicine suppliers and health care professionals, and they play a very important role in implementing proper safety and legal standards of operations in a hospital or community setting. These opportunities grow as one gains experience in the field. It may include inventory management, preparing custom medicinal formulations to suit a patient’s need, dispensing techniques, billing and quality control.

How to obtain pharmacy training education?

Pharmacy training education and requirements differ significantly across different states and country, but it majorly requires a high school diploma, followed by a training program. These pharmacy technician courses are basically diploma based offered by community colleges. Besides accredited colleges, pharmacy technician certification is also offered by the military, and various online courses. In order to complete the training requirements an individual needs to put in a certain number of stipulated hours before he/she can earn a diploma or certificate.

Also, there are certain necessary courses that one might have to earn credits in like “Health Law”. Some states even require technicians to pass an exam before they are eligible for employment. A university degree is generally not required to be such a technician.

Where to obtain pharmacy technician studies?

One of the most important requirements to check before applying for these courses is the accreditation of the pharmacy technician schools or institute. One should have a good command over mathematics and life sciences before applying to any pharmacy technician classes. Besides degree programs one can also study pharmacy for a year and take up an internship in a well known pharmaceutical firm.

There is also a standard certification exam for pharmacy technician, which is not a necessary exam to pass, but serves well to show your employer of your skills and knowledge as a technician. However, employers generally do not post this as a necessary requirement.

Job opportunities

There are plenty of pharmacy technician jobs available. This includes jobs in supply and inventory management in the retail setting, or compounding in case of a hospital setting. The median pharmacy technician salary for 2010 stood at $13 per hour or $28,400 annually. The employment opportunities are expected to grow in the next decade, due to the amount of research that is being conducted in the sector.

The demand is also expected to go up as the percentage of population that is old is increasing, and this section uses a greater amount of prescription drugs, when compared to other sections of the population. With increasing demand more opportunities would arise for such professionals in both retail, and hospital settings.